European Diploma in Radiology – EDiR

Röntgenveckan 2019

European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR)

Take the chance to document your radiologic skills!

Deadline June 28

Examination date September 16, 9.00 (use entrance Kongresshuset, Elmiavägen 15)

Please note that application is made by sending in the documents below – not via EBR website!

Also this year the European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) examination will be held in Sweden, during the Swedish National Radiology Conference in Jönköping. All Swedish radiologists in their last year of training (ST-läkare) or specialists in radiology are eligible to apply.

The examination is an excellent opportunity to motivate a deeper study of radiology and to sum up all knowledge from residency. The examination is also useful and important during the further career, in Sweden and in Europe and elsewhere.

The following requisites must be fulfilled:

Success in the EDiR examination certifies a standard of radiological knowledge deemed appropriate for independent practice in general radiology by the European Society of Radiology.

The knowledge base for the examination is based on the ESR European Training Curriculum.

Certainly EDiR is an added value to your CV and currently is a differential value from other candidates for a job or fellowship.

Candidates must be certified radiologists or at least be in their last year of national radiology training at the time of the examination.
Total of training and supervised practical experience must be four years or more at the time of application.

The following documents must be submitted and received by the EBR office by the application deadline given

  • A proof of training indicating the duration of radiology training and expected date of completion (if not completed) issued by the training institution.  In case your training is complete we kindly ask you to send your Certificate of Completion of Training.
  • In cases where the duration of the training programme is less than five years, a proof of experience as a supervised staff radiologist is required.
  • A scanned copy of your national ID or passport.

Please send the above documents to

For Swedish applicants, the fee is covered by the Swedish Society of Radiology, if member thereof. In case of no-show at the exam, the fee is not covered by SFMR.

Necessary information about EDiR can be found on the web site